4 years in Sao Paulo

por do sol


Today completes exactly four years I’m living in Sao Paulo and I can say I have lived a lot in this town. It seems like yesterday that I landed once immensity of buildings and cars .

Everything was new to me: a new home that I would care, a new routine, a new state; I got married; I quit my job and paused the college, and I stayed away from family and friends. It was a big change in every way.

I remember when I came here and spent the whole day at home alone, crying every moment of the day because I remembered what I’d be doing right now if I were in the RJ. The time of the late afternoon and supper were the worst . When Eduardo came home from work, I’d be like those poor doggies walking behind the owner, cringing and wanting attention.

For a long time I lost and aimless. I hated Sao Paulo with all my strength. Not suited me the weather, the people, the way they saw life. I suffered bullyng (at age 26) because I’m carioca, people do not understand me, I could not understand them. I had, several times, willingness to drop everything, get my stuff together and get back to RJ without anything. If not for the Du with all your patience and understanding I may not be here writing this text.

But São Paulo is not only suffering. It was here that I discovered my true vocation: the library and its fascinating and hidden world. I met cool people and bloggers, in which you have shown me another Sao Paulo with looks and lenses. College friends that make me cross the city with its chaotic traffic to learn from their experiences. The new world that I have discovered in the last month in my new job.

São Paulo is maddening, but I’m not ready yet and do not want to leave. I can say that now that I began to appreciate and enjoy things it can offer. If you pay close attention it may be divine, even without the beach (heheh).

Yet here I changed my worldview, my relationship with people and with myself. I learned a lot in those few four years here and know I still have much to learn.

Time is only 4 years, but I feel I have built a new life here with my company’s and inseparable friend Du.

See you later!

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Karin Paredes, 34 anos baixinha, tagarela, adora livros e bibliotecas. Bibliotecária, casada com o Eduardo e mãe da Caliope (calopsita). Carioca vivendo sonhos em São Paulo. Venham conhecer um pouco do meu cantinho de inspirações e alegrias.

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