My life in a month


Hey everybody!

I’m not out, I did not die and neither gave up the blog. It’s just life itself, and the days that seems to fly. When I notice, they have passed.

The second year of college started and this period will be tough, with many technical disciplines and hard work. Librarianship will take every second of my day. Many texts to read, books to deepen the knowledge and many exercises  and papers to do.

I started working and I’m loving this new experience. I’m doing something the I really enjoy and has everything to do with my future profession: indexing images. Learning and knowing about a whole new world in an area that I had no idea how it worked. A great exchange of experiences.

My health was the other reason that kept me away from blogging. I took advantage of a biopsy that I’m recovering from to write this post. Nothing too serious, you know? Appeared another problem, besides my usual twisted hip, but I’m treating and finding the solution. Finally I found a dermatologist (after 4 years) that fits on my standards in medical care and that is helping me in diagnosis.

2014 started well for me and I hope it continues this way: full of energy and good things. I’m still hoping for more good things to emerge. I will not abandone the blog. I am full of posts on my mind and lots of them on blog’s scratch. I just need I little time to put ideas on the computer. I do not know when this will happen but soon we’ll have posts here.

See you later!

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Karin Paredes, 34 anos baixinha, tagarela, adora livros e bibliotecas. Bibliotecária, casada com o Eduardo e mãe da Caliope (calopsita). Carioca vivendo sonhos em São Paulo. Venham conhecer um pouco do meu cantinho de inspirações e alegrias.

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