I want time

arraialdocabo23 I want time…

I want time to sleep, read books, watch tv and listen new music.

I want time to cook, make new recipes and do different things in the oven and stove; to have a healthy diet and eat with calm.

I want time to read the texts for the college and all my books from college and academic articles that it’s interesting on my career field.

I want time to take some photos, learn about my photo camera, study Lightroom and about photography in general.

I want time to dance and sing at home in a crazy way, to play video-game, board-games, to play with Lego.

I want ime to blogging, to dedicate myself on Prateleira de Cima, to record some videos, to visit other friend pages.

I want time to travel, learn new places, even if the new neighborhood’s drugstore.

I want time to run, practice some exercises, cycling in the park.

I want time to visit my family, to have lunch on Sundays, to visit my friends and meeting with my great girl friends.

I want time for me.

I want time to time.

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Karin Paredes, 34 anos baixinha, tagarela, adora livros e bibliotecas. Bibliotecária, casada com o Eduardo e mãe da Caliope (calopsita). Carioca vivendo sonhos em São Paulo. Venham conhecer um pouco do meu cantinho de inspirações e alegrias.

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